I Built a Fan!

When I relocated last fall it was still pretty warm, like Florida hot and humid. I noticed in the stores they didn’t have any fans. I was at the E-Mart the other day looking for some duct tape.. which they didn’t have but they had fans. They must be a seasonal item, like ice cream I will share about that one later. There was around 20 different models of fans. I have learned that something here today will not be there tomorrow and possibly not be restocked soon or ever, like duct tape.. and like Wal-Mart all their stock is on the floor but unlike Wal-Mart each fan model had approx. 3 models of each. I picked one out and took it home. I couldn’t risk being here in the summer without a fan.

The fan sat for a few days in its box then I decided to use it. I opened the box and found a surprise. The fan needed to be put together, blade and all. Seriously?  It sat for another few days in the box. I decided it is finally time to attempt to put together the fan with the instructions in Chinese. It only took me approx. 30 min to put it together and only 2 rebuilds due to noise and some other stability issues. I built a fan!

Put together!

Fan Parts


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  1. Denise Jean
    May 13, 2011 @ 09:37:03

    Last year I bought a new fan. I let the box sit for weeks, then one night when it was hot I opened it, and of course needed to put it together. I did that and set it up near my bed. Perfect I thought. It worked for about 5 minutes and then pop. I was so mad!! Luckily my second fan purchase worked.


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