Magic Elevator Buttons

I bet the most pressed button in an elevator in China is the close door button. It is used constantly. As the elevator doors are opening, someone has their finger on the close door button, pushing it. There are times I have called the elevator and with it being a large elevator bank it takes a few seconds to walk to the open elevator. Someone has their finger on the button and hits it before you can even get in! That is annoying. Getting into an elevator, they press their floor button and then the close door button, like it is return/enter on a computer.  Always in a hurry, they can’t wait for the doors to close on its own they need to press the button.  This morning I was headed down from the 36th floor and the elevator stopped at 20 something. The man who got on noticed we were going down to the lobby so he didn’t press a floor button but of course the doors were taking to long to close and had to reach over and hit the close button! There is something about elevators and the need to press the close button it is fascinating.

Daddy-O I think you would do well in China. My Dad shares the need to press the close door button as well. He also has a theory when it comes to elevators. He believes if you hold the close door button it will not stop at other floors but take you right to your floor. I have seen this behavior as well but I do think it works for some elevators! Dad you were right! However, I still don’t believe you taught John Travolta how to dance or Andrea Agassi how to play tennis… I miss you and think of you daily in the elevator 🙂


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