Good Knees- Go Faster!

I didn’t see Dr. Lee about my knee. Which was a fun rhyme to say. After being told on the day of my appointment Dr. Lee only spoke English so an interpreter was going to meet me, his office moved 30 minutes away from his previous location, and I had to pay in full amount of the visit myself, in cash, and then submit reimbursement for insurance. I decided there were far too many things that could go wrong with seeing Mr. Lee about my knee so I cancelled. I have been avoiding running and lets be honest most exercise for fear of hurting my knees. Estalene, my mother-in-law had both knees replaced, it didn’t look like fun so I decided to lay off hurting mine.
Realizing my body can no longer take not running/exercising and eating my feelings, it starts to get wide when you do both those things, an email came through at work with a sports guy coming from the US. It was a sign! The bad news the hospital of course is not covered by my insurance, I would need to pay a 50% co-pay. I decided to suck it up, it was a sign after all and I refuse to buy new clothes. Cost for new clothes or cost to see the US Dr. I chose paying for the Dr. visit. I really liked him. I asked if it was old age and he said I was still pretty young, see why I like him! After all his checks I was told I have good knees and concluded I need to stretch better some muscle that starts in my leg and ends and my knee, it is hard to stretch apparently and a foam roller was suggested. I asked like a pool noodle and he said yes but no, much harder and it will hurt like hell when I use it to stretch. He also said he heard from someone else these aren’t found in China. Of course but I bet they are made here.

After all that I was told I need to start off short distances and work my my way up, he is sweet, he really doesn’t know my preferences is 3 miles max at a time, nothing more unless I paid a crazy fee to complete more and earn a medal that is also probably made here.
Monday I did 1 mile, today I did 2. The security guard at the apartment gate saw me leave and when I returned he clearly said to me in English, ” go faster”. Isn’t his English great…never said anything else to me before but today I get “go faster”. I wanted to go faster and kick him in his knee. I was going pretty fast and pretty proud of myself, I did 2 miles in under 20 minutes, not bad after not running since December.
I will work up to 3 miles after my visit to Hawaii next week where I will eat my feelings of joy of seeing Todd, my sister Jessica, and being out of China, sometimes you need a break. I will be feeding these feelings of joy with malasadas, banana egg rolls, Puka Dogs, and mac nut pancakes from Boots & Kimos. When I am back I will start re-training. Who is up for the Beijing Marathon next year?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeffito
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 14:06:10

    No running for me, but I will join you for 3 Puka Dogs 🙂


  2. andrea hendry
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 02:39:13

    Did you guys end up going to Boots and Kimo? I never heard.


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