Flip Flops & Dress Bad Combination

Dear gays and the few others with some fashion sense, I am aware of the fashion violation flip flops are with a dress.  I am sure there are photos of me in the Chinese fashion magazine section what not to wear with a black bar over my eyes (or maybe not, it is China, things are different) or in a section titled the foolish things foreigners wear, aren’t they just silly.

My reason for wearing flops with a dress is I walk to work everyday. Wearing heels in on the walk is a hazard to my safety and there are enough hazards already just by walking alone. There are the people, the bikes, the spit, cats/dogs and their waste, rabbits, laundry, breakfast being served, construction, the blind person walking strip (which I have yet to see a person use), uneven pavement, the list goes on and on. Why add heels to all that and risk my safety even more? I wear shoes I can walk in to work and change immediately when I get there. I have a dedicated drawer in my desk just for shoes.

Shoe Drawer

With it being Spring/Summer (it is like FL no real spring or as Todd told me weather like Savannah, GA he can explain that one) I have been wearing flip flops in. The past few weeks is the rainy season which I am told lasts half a month.  I have training at the Langham hotel, just opened and very fancy. I am wearing a dress and flops in and have a shoe change in my bag.

I have learned flops are not the best choice for walking in shoes in a dress when the pavement is wet. The shoes make “stuff” I really don’t want to think about what the “stuff” is on the streets of Shanghai flip up onto my legs. Good thing my dress was not a light color. I roll into the Langham in my flops, run into co-workers in the lobby, excuse myself to go to the restroom and try to clean myself up with the lovely cloth tea towels they use instead of paper towels. I am sure the cleaning crew took a look that towel and thought what in the world. It was not a good sight and very klassy I know.

Lesson: Don’t wear flip flops with a dress on days the pavement is wet. This also goes for sunny days, avoid any puddles on the streets for there is a really good chance it is not water.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matthew Wilder
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 11:50:08

    Go retro…wear tennis shoes and socks like in Working Girl.


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