Why You Remove Shoes- Fecal Dust

I was telling the story of apartment hunting and service people coming to my apartment and taking off their shoes and how different it is with a co-worker from CA. Her Mother in Law (MIL) is from somewhere in Asia.  According to her MIL, the reason why you take off your shoes is for you don’t want the “fecal dust” to get into your house, which is carried on the bottom of shoes. At first I found this interesting and amusing… but…. I have seen children go to the bathroom on the street, don’t ever think that small puddle on the sidewalk is water.. good chance it is not…spit, dog, and other stuff, I get it and the dust. It is a good clean practice to remove your shoes. I don’t care what country you are in… there is dust everywhere if you think about it, they are on to something…


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