Missed Picking Up Todd at Airport

A co-worker told me today that I am turning more and more into a stereotypical blond. I don’t know why he would say such things I was only having trouble dividing 1500 by 10 and told him I couldn’t do it for it was in RMB and not US $.

Todd was arriving this evening at  9:45pm. I had even made him a sign to find me in the crowd.

Todd's Airport Sign

I missed picking him up. My reason is my watched slowed/stopped and I thought I was way to early to pick him up and decided to kill some time at the Super Brand mall which is on the way to the airport. If I took the time to think about my timeline that evening I would have realized there is no way I had time for a mall stop. I left work before 6pm, at the gym 6-7pm, walked home, showered, took the train across to Pudong, there was no way … I didn’t think that and after all my watch said.. I also wondered why the mall shops were closing so early, it was only 9pm on a Friday night. It was because it was 10pm! I exited the mall towards the Metro station,  I receive a text from Todd asking if I was at the airport for he cleared customs. UGGH! I missed picking up Todd! I couldn’t make it to the airport so I told him to meet me at my apartment. I headed back on the Metro. I was transferring from one line to another and people started running and I was wondering why are people running, a woman was on a megaphone talking in Chinese and people started running faster. I realized the last train of the evening was coming. I picked up my pace and made it on the last train. Good grief, maybe I am getting more blond or the chemicals they use on my hair is killing of brain cells.

I made it to the apartment a little bit  before Todd and put his sign on the door.  When Todd arrived he gave me a lecture about not picking him up and bra.. bra.. bra.. then shares he left his passport in the taxi. Seriously, giving me a lecture about missing picking him up and he loses his passport in China? HA! I find this funny. He looks up what you need to do for a lost passport and we have to go to the consulate but before we do we need to get a police report. Oh this will be fun! It is really late, no time for a police report tonight so will do in the morning. I see his computer bag and ask did you possibly put it in there? He said no and looks and it was there! I will say it again, time travel is a pain and so is getting old in his case and blond in mine.


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    Jul 19, 2011 @ 01:42:16

    It is not the blond it is the cupping!


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