Running For Purpose- Dumplings

Our small (only 3 of us) but mighty (I think more will join when it is not so hot and humid) ran with a purpose. Our purpose was to find where the breakfast dumpling man moved his shop to! It is like a scavenger hunt, a game. His shop which was close to the office, moved to a different location and now the newer location has been demolished and we had no idea where he went. We ran up and down the streets to find him. No luck! We ran by the demolished shop again and one of us has lived here 3 years and knows more Chinese than how to order a Diet Coke or how to ask how much, asked where is the shop. Come to find out it was just being remodeled and open in 2 days. The running group went out today with the purpose of confirming the re-opening of the shop and sure enough it is open for business. Too bad it is too hot to eat them.


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