Dog Harassment

You know you are bored…when you harass your parent’s dogs from China.  I was trying to call my parents on Skype, it is a hit or miss. My parents have their Skype set up to just pick up any call that comes in, I have sent them instructions on how to change this feature but obviously they have not as of yet. It is nice, I can call in and hear what is going in their house. Today I tried calling and no one was home but the dogs. All 3 of them. I am saying “hello?” into the computer and the dogs are barking back, it is a circus. I have decided this is fun so I hang up and call again and again talking to the dogs, making them go crazy. I then got the great idea to get a sound bite of this circus, it would make a nice ring tone, I call and no answer by the dogs. They are:

  1.  On to my shenanigans
  2.  I killed them with my act of terrorism

I tried calling their house phone, my Mother’s cell, Father’s cell, and my Sister’s cell to have them check on the dogs but no answer. I tried Skype again calling the dogs to check on them and only one barks back at me, what happened to the other dogs? Did they get smart or are they dead? Maybe my parents will read this blog post and let me know if the dogs are OK since their cell phones are all broken. I didn’t even get a good sound clip to use as a ring tone to remember the dogs by.

Dog Update: The dogs are fine. My friend Denise ran into my parents at the movies and asked about them and she reported back to me. I also talked to my Mother since who didn’t appreciate my harassment and told me I taught her dogs how to bark. I disagree with that and maybe now they will update their Skype account.


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