Chicken Challenge

I can’t find canned chicken to make chicken salad and buffalo chicken dip with in Shanghai. It has become a game more like an obsession for the past 11 months to check all the stores to find canned chicken. I am convinced no such product is available in Shanghai.  I was tempted on a trip home to take the label off the cans and place some in my luggage but that is forbidden no meat products allowed in or out of the US or China, why risk it when my bags are always opened for I have batteries in it. Those are forbidden in checked bags in China FYI.  I have continued my game to other parts of China and found canned chicken in Beijing. It is not forbidden for me to travel around China with canned chicken in my bags. So my last time I loaded up. My co-workers called me the chicken lady  and find it amusing. It has resulted in the Beijing team to bring in cans when they come to town. Crazy chicken lady or really smart for now I have a supplier who delivers to my desk??

Chicken Haul from Beijing- Only a little obsessed

It is not my first choice, it is Hormel, don’t they make cat food? And it is white and dark meat but I have learned I must make compromises and sacrifices and lets be honest I can’t find it anywhere else so add a little desperation in there.

Which brings me to the Chicken Challenge. We had dinner the other night with new friends from another division of the company that is coming to China. Many of the folks will be relocating to China in October. I was filling them in of all the the quirkiness of living in Shanghai and mentioned how canned chicken is non-existent. They didn’t believe me. Oh grasshopper(s)… you have not been scouring the city for 11 months…That is when in my lemon drop haze put on the Chicken Challenge with a prize of a facial at Skin City and even threw it microdermabrasion (Lemon drops must have been talking at that point) and said good luck and  provided rules.

Rules of the Chicken Challenge

  1. Imported canned chicken (no local finds allowed)
  2. White meat preferred but white/dark mix acceptable
  3. Must prove it was purchased in Shanghai (none of this stuff from Beijing, that is cheating)

I really don’t even want any more canned chicken with my Beijing suppliers now. They are very excited about the challenge and I am pretty convinced they won’t find it in Shanghai. If they do, well I guess I will know where to buy canned chicken in the future in Shanghai. The canned chicken is already the most expensive canned chicken in the world due to being imported and now with a facial on top. I will make a buffalo dip for the group with the prized can.

Chicken Challenge Update- It took about 1 week but the Chicken Challenge has been won! The canned chicken has been found in a import grocer, Pines. Of course, Pines is the one import store I have been wanting to get to but just haven’t gotten around to go check it out. UGGH! At least know I know where it can be found in Shanghai although I think I have had my fill of canned Chicken, I have a stash now and I am tired of it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alden
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 10:40:03

    do they still have it? I would prefer to buy canned then fresh right now- ugh


  2. Rebecca
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 20:27:01

    Hi Alden I saw it at Pines on Anfu last week. GO go now for you just reminded me I should go… 🙂 I may be buying it all up. I also received an email from Fields the online grocery that shared their frozen chicken parts (we order the chicken breasts from them) are all from inner Mongolia, brazil or the US if that is any more comforting.


  3. alden
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 22:29:52

    thanks! I will check asap. We bought some frozen tyson with the package date of Jan from Metro so I hope it is ok. I think i will try Fields too. But really my kids like the canned better anyway…


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