Luggage Locks

Traveling with a co-worker from Shanghai to Beijing, she was concerned I didn’t lock my luggage. How she knew I didn’t lock my luggage was because I had to go to a special room where my bag was waiting for me. I had to open it and then asked me to remove my spare camera battery from my checked luggage and put it into my carry on.

I was asked why do I not lock my luggage? I explained TSA and how it is just easier to not lock your luggage. In Beijing, we went to the market and I picked up a luggage lock. The locks are not TSA locks and there is no key, but a number combination. It has been a while since I have used these locks. I had a moment when purchasing the lock. I asked how do I know what the combination is?  I was told the combination is 000. I then said (embarrassing part) how safe is having this lock is the combination is 000, isn’t that obvious? I was told that I could change the code on the lock. I asked how do you do that? The lock didn’t come with instructions (I was at a market). You use a paper clip or something to press a little button on the side and re-set the numbers. How fancy and technology has made me stupid!

It doesn’t stop there.  I locked my suitcase at the hotel and took my bag with me to the office and I would leave for the airport from there.  At the office, I needed to get into my bag and I couldn’t get the lock to open with my new code. I had my co-worker try, she couldn’t do it and asks if it is the right code. Yes, it is!! Well.. Finally I turn the lock over… I was opening it from the wrong side. There is a line on one side, where you need to line up the code for it to open. JMJ! Good grief! These old school locks are too much for me.


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