PuJersey or Otherwise Known as Pudong

Shanghai is divided into 2 sections by the Huangpu River, Puxi and Pudong.

Puxi is the older section of Shanghai and is the cultural and entertainment center of Shanghai. I live in Puxi.

Pudong is the new section of Shanghai (1990s), it has the modern, crazy tall buildings, wide streets. It is less busy than Puxi. Rental agencies like to sell the families to live in Pudong, the parks, wide streets, etc. It is nice and quiet, that is true. Pudong is trying to draw folks across the river.  I don’t like to go across the river.  When I have to go to Pudong (which is 2 metro stops away) I let out a big *sigh* about having to cross the river and go to Pudong. Things are more spread out so it is a hassle to get places.

Talking with a co-worker I asked where he was and he said over in PuJersey. I still crack up thinking about it. That is exactly what it is! It is like Jersey is to NYC. Don’t want to live in the city, live in PuJersey. Even though Todd will be working eventually in  Pudong we will probably stay on this side of the river.

Map of Shanghai


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