What is bootcamp? Well according to a co-worker it is exercising by wearing boots. That is exactly what he told my boss when she was looking for us (Small But Mighty running group that has moved on to bootcamp) one morning. He responded they are at bootcamp and she asked what is bootcamp?  No wonder he was hesitant to commit to joining us for BC! It is already a sight to see us working out in the park and causes a scene. We also get random rogue bootcampers, (just like in Bridemaids) who attempt to follow our moves, I want to yell to the 90 year old, you are not doing it wrong, I am not just walking backwards as you are, don’t you see my deep squat with a straight back accompanying my backwards walk? That would require more Chinese than I know.  If we were clod-hopping around wearing boots, what a spectacle that would be!


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  1. Elizabeth Schmitt
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 08:45:59

    You must be quite a sight. that is so funny. Is Todd with you? Bob gets a new knee nest week. Do people in China do knees? Hope we will get to see you some time.Thanks for all the stories. love bette


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