Personal Ads

Reading some of the magazines geared towards ex-pats I came across the personal ads. They have become a source of entertainment and crack me up! I must share a few and my comments.

Casual Partner

30 year old white tall make with a lot of free time, day time or night time both is ok (seems jobless to me). I live alone and can host (Karaoke?) . Any nationality is ok, but you must be clean and in shape. No drama. Just looking for women. (Asking a lot! Clean, in shape, just women, and no drama, unable to have all  just not possible)

Girls Feeling Lonely

I am in Shanghai, Pudong, living alone (loser?)  Any girls interested to be friend with me or any other relationship, you are welcome. I am a handsome male, you can call me a gentleman (and maybe an Officer) When you meet me you won’t regret at all. But if you don’t sure you will.

Sugar Boyfriend (Ain’t saying she a golddigger.. she says it!)

I’m seeking a nice guy who I can have a mutually beneficial relationship (hooker..) with and would like to share laughs with an attractive Shanghai hottie.

Shopping is not a hobby (many would disagree and no one is going to answer your ad)

Canadian guy (42) hoping to find a 28-40ish (of course he is) woman with fluent English (I want a Chinese lady)  for a drama-free relationship. 14 years in Asia, trilingual (wonder if he considers Canadian one of the 3 Eh? ) and university educated. if you think that eating, sleeping and shopping qualify as “hobbies” or that spending eight hours a day in front of DVDs is romantic (what if it was porn? Would that change your mind?), we’re not going to get along.

Ninja Girlfriend

I see all of these beautiful waif models on TV beheading demons and slaying dragons. Where are these women? (On TV…when was the last time we saw dragons roaming around as well?I understand the confusion for look at all Bon Temps has going on.. oh that is on TV as well) I want to date them. All the girls I date are like “I’m cold-ddd…” and ” Don’t you want me?” Yeah! I want you fighting ninjas.  Let me know if you fit the profile. (I love this one! I am tempted to call to talk to him a little more about this and if anyone has called)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol sherman
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 07:59:36

    Love it Becky – you truly entertain myriads of folks i’m sure!


  2. Tim Watts
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 08:37:35

    This is fantastic!


  3. Diane Abresky
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 20:19:04

    Rebecca – love reading your posts! Also just checking in to make sure you were not on the derailed train — it was on the news today. Hoping you are safe!


  4. andrea hendry
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 01:18:13

    OMG – did you call the dragon slayer wannabe???? I’ll bet it’s Wallowitz (sp?) or Leonard!


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