What Does D&A Stand For?

During a presentation in English I was reading ahead (remember don’t put things on slides if you don’t want people to read ahead, like handouts don’t give people handouts for they will read them) and saw D&A. I was trying to figure out what does D&A stand for, we love acronyms and all but I just couldn’t figure it out. Even when the speaker mentioned it he said D&A as if we should all know what that means.

In the US I experienced the ask if you don’t know there are no such things are dumb questions (it such a lie there are dumb questions). In China you need to be careful for we have the saving face thing to do so. I figured it out! D&A=DNA. After the presentation I asked the presenter about the D&A to confirm the use of term in its meaning of genetic makeup and used my hands to stretch out a double helix (I felt a little bit like Sheldon). Confirmed D&A is DNA. I got thinking about it all day and how easy that can happen, it is just as it sounds. Try it, it is D&A. Try Tom and Jerry, Ben and Jerry’s (I wish I had some!)  AND does sound like N with some words, especially when we don’t clearly pronounciate, especially those from the South.  It is kind of cute and makes me giggle.


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