The Internet Is So Slow…

How slow is it? Slow enough that I loaded up all my Apple products in a backpack and walked to work to download iOS 5. From home, it would think about it for days, time out, lose connection basically just give up. Frustrating. Then I remembered…at work it is an entirely different set up than at home. Each device took only around 1 hour. I set it up in the corner of my desk and let it do its thing.

All that smartness about how to update my software and I decided I would wear wedge heels for those easier to walk in and more comfortable than regular heels and surely I can walk better in them. Not a good idea. No form of any heel except no heel heel as in flats is a good heel to wear walking to work any day. Note to self, thought you learned this lesson before, apparently not, so note to self with *** as in important. No heel is a good heel to wear to walk to work. You have been warned, again.

Positive side of the day, my Apple devices have been updated, now to figure out how to use iMessage! Message me friends!


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  1. Adventureswithben
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 19:08:04

    How do we iMessage?


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