Accident Follow-Up: Part I

It has been 30 days since I was hit by a car walking home from work. My bruise is gone finally and my elbow is still a little sore if I lean on it in the right place. I went to the police station with my boss to meet the driver who hit me to discuss settlement.

After being dropped off by a cab blocks away from the traffic police station, of course he didn’t know where the traffic station was located. I bet it was because he was wanted for his poor driving and was avoiding getting near the place.  We finally find the station after walking in my wedge heels which are not appropriate for walking no matter what I think. Bad decision to wear today or any day that I am walking. The person working my case was off today, of course he was so they had to find someone else. I wish I remembered to bring cigarettes to pass around for again people hanging out, smoking inside and outside the police station. Time warp back to 1960s. We were bounced around from room to room and finally a lady came. No idea what she did or who she was, she was in street clothes, maybe she was a mediator but when I asked my boss what is her job, is she a mediator? She said she wants me and the driver to work out the settlement. What is her purpose?  The discussion is all in Chinese and I have no idea what is going on but I can tell when they refer to my injuries. My boss told me at a point later that the mystery lady told her that I don’t look that hurt. Her reply back to her was were are not here to discuss her injuries but the accident. That is right! He still hit me with his car! Although he says I hit his car… seriously? I wanted to fall down in the rain, hurt myself, get a big bruise that looked nasty in a bathing suit over vacation, ruin my clothing, and take a trip to the local hospital for fun, I had nothing better to do? Good grief! To his concern about human car hitting, it is true they have cases in China where people do just that jump in from of cars to get hit  so they can get a settlement, it is a way of income and makes me sad that people would do that. That is not what I did.  I do feel bad for the drivers who are victims of such but that should teach them to be more careful and not drive around all Cruella De Vil like.

During the big discussion about what I have no idea, in my mind I was having a Chicago the musical moment where Velma goes over with Billy (the lawyer) what she was going to do on the witness stand. I was thinking what should I be doing? Should I look sad, mad, happy, glad, big jazz hand finish?

My settlement request was discussed (I can tell when they talk numbers, yeah my Chinese is coming along) is around 6000 RMB ($1,000 US) They were a little surprised by the amount, I guess they felt it was high and in my mind I was thinking maybe he will be a little more careful driving and when he sees foreigners crossing the street next time! I also asked for my jacket in the style of Alexander McQueen be replaced and I wanted his company to know he hit me. Come to find out he is a driver for another entertainment company, a music company. Someone from the insurance company came out and took photos of my jacket and I guess the company will know he hit someone when 1. the insurance company has to pay out and 2. when their insurance rates increase.  We left it as TBD in regards to the settlement I have to provide a ton of paperwork to the insurance company and it will be decided from there. Part II coming soon.

However… my boss and I did get a ride back in the assault vehicle with the driver to our office. Why is this so normal and the thing to do, it just does not seem right. I said to watch his driving, he will be on his best driving behavior. I also wanted to leave a note in the back seat of the car for his bigwig he drives around saying something like “Did you know your driver hit a person? Yup it is true and he is now having to drive me around in your car”.


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  1. Shelli Browning
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 15:32:23

    You can never go wrong by ending a meeting with lawyers with big jazz hands. Good idea!


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