Eyewear-Just Rims

There is a popular trend with the youths (seen on both girls and boys) which is to wear eyeglass frames, always large, Sally Jesse style,  mostly black but can be other colors too but just the frame no glass. They are just wearing the rims with no glass. It is fashion. I find it weird.

Today one of my employees came to our meeting wearing her frames. I of course had to ask about it and she said it is fashion. During the meeting she made some good suggestions and I commented it must her glasses making her smart and she said yes but reminded me she is always smart. I didn’t know what to say to her, it is not common such a sassy comment, especially to your boss. In the US, more common, here not so much.   I found out recently she plays a game with me in our team meetings, 1:1 interactions, etc. that she tries to make me speechless. She will say things that leave me lost for words or trying to figure out how to respond. She calls it make my foreigner boss speechless and the day of her glasses she was victorious 3 times. They do make her smarter this time those fake glasses but I on to her game now…

Such an odd trend


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  1. Alexander
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 07:34:50

    They are called SMART glasses! Carol and I invented them @ the Contemporary and they have gone worldwide!!!!


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