Apartment Showing

I get a text from my apartment agent for my current apartment. He asks if he can bring people by to see the apartment last night. I said no I am not going to be home, truth, I was having dinner with a friend and then a massage, important things. I shared I am moving out on Friday and how on Saturday the owner will have the keys back so those days will be best. It is only 2 days away… I receive a text today that he is bringing folks at 6:30pm to show the apartment. UGGH. He learned not to ask for I will say no. How tricky of him.  I text back and say OK the place is a mess, I am packing. I rush home to be here at 6:30. I am packing and the door buzzes and it is someone who use my name and at night you can’t see the camera who it is,  I assumed it was my agent so I let him in. It was an agent but not mine it was the Donald’s (apt owner) he was bringing me my receipt for rent and commented on all my things, how many things I have in 1 year. I wanted to punch him in the throat but I refrained after just reviewing diversity training my team put together and that such comments are cultural. It is not uncommon to be asked your age, how much you make, and stating things such as you looked like you gained weight, or how long have you been bald? I just smiled at him, I don’t need to explain anything to him and look at the small boxes I am packing they are office file boxes! Give me a break


I get a text saying the people to see the apartment are late. No lie, it is not 7:30 they are luck I was busy packing and not having a TV marathon. I asked the Donald’s agent if he wanted to sit down, he declined and stood while I went back to packing for about another 20 minutes for them to show up. They looked around so quickly. When I viewed apartments I looked in closets, on balconies, sat on the bed, gave it a thorough look, maybe they weren’t interested, they talked in Chinese so I had no idea, not like I care I am just nosy. They leave, I say good by to the Donald’s agent and I make dinner and want to finish up a Glee episode. My buzzer rings again and it is the couple again now with their agent and want to come back up and take a look. This time they stayed longer, still no idea what they are saying.  I am glad the owner didn’t decide to start showing the place when I gave notice for showing is a pain and awkward when you are still there.


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