Intern Interview

My intern of about a month asked if she could interview me for school. The assignment was to interview a foreigner. I asked to be provided the questions in advance and said yes. It was in interviewing candidates for a job, what should CVs look like, how to prepare for an interview things like that. It then turned out to be a group interview with 5 classmates. I said that is OK and booked a conference room for the interview.

On the day of the interview, I meet the ladies in the lobby of the office and one of them has a video camera. I asked about it and that is when I was told they are going to video tape the interview. Now I am mad and gave the ladies a little lecture about how you need to tell people your intentions if you are going to video tape, take photos, record, etc. in advance, you can’t just spring it on them. There will also be times you are unable to do those things and need to get releases signed, etc. My intern apologized for not telling me the most important part and asked if it is OK, I said fine. It is for the future of tomorrow, right? I need to be accommodating. I then said give me a minute I need to go to my office and comb my hair and put on lipstick I will come back and meet them in the lobby. As I am in my office, a co-worker comes by cracking up. He said the interns are in the lobby videotaping themselves talking into the camera saying how I have gone to fix my makeup and hair for the interview. He said it is the funniest thing. JMJ, seriously? I ask if he thought they are making some video of lets see how far we can push a foreigner for some good internet video or a tv show? I am now even more angry but what can I do I promised. I meet the ladies, go to the conference room and have the interview which is very awkward, they take turns asking me the questions but the didn’t figure out how they want to do it, order, etc? It is not going to be good, maybe with some creative editing it will but ugggh! We finally finish, they give me a school pin and I go about the rest of my day.

My intern comes back about 30 minutes later and I step out of my office to see what is going on. She said she needs to talk to me. I kick the person who is currently in my office to talk to the intern. She quits. She does an interview with me, brings 5 classmates, springs on me it is going to be videotaped and then after quits! I told her that I do not give permission for this video to be used or shown outside of the classroom at school. I may be the next internet sensation here in China. They could be selling my video titled how to interview, a foreigners perspective or it is could be a jibjab style video.  Hard to say but made me a little angry, glad to know all the “youths of today” not just in the US are whatever it is they are, basically to drive me nuts with their shenanigans.


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