Moving Day $#*!

Moving day is here!  I started off the day nicely with a 7am call to one of my partners in the US. I  walked to work and rode down the service elevator which I hate riding in and thought this could be the last time I ride in this crappy, scary, service elevator, such a happy thought. Oh and the most important Todd arrives tomorrow night, EEEEEE!  It is going to be a good day!

It went downhill from there and it had nothing to do with work! Work is great! Had a great call that AM, getting work done, talked to my team, they are on task for their projects, shared some ideas with the VP for training and told the head of HR a tale, all before noon! Noon was my time to head back to my old apartment for I sold some items to the Second Hand Store of Shanghai they were coming to pick up at 12:30 and I arranged for the movers to come at 1pm. I got confirmation calls that morning all was going as planned.

It was all too good to be true. As I am walking home I get a call from the movers, they are going to be 30 min late. I am a little irritated for I planned the second hand store based on their time and I really now didn’t need to leave work as early. I thought no matter for I told then I have 20 boxes, a mirror, a book shelf and some assorted bags and they gave me a quote. I was way off.. I have:

  • 32 boxes (before you judge they are office file sized!)
  • 2 fans
  • A mirror
  • A book shelf
  • Toaster over (even with a big girl oven this little baby is going with me!)
  • 5 full suitcases
  • 13 assorted “bags” of things (coat hangers, pots, linens)
  • 3 lamps
  • Laundry hamper
  • 4 baskets of stuff that go with my bookcase
  • 2 baskets of towels
  • An ironing board
  • A bucket of cleaning supplies
  • I am sure things I am missing

I was planning on negotiating you are late and yes I have more than I said. Lets compromise.

On  my walk home I am trying to talk to Todd over Skype, the service is poor to begin with, the traffic he can’t hear me and my phone keeps ringing, which hangs up the call. First call it is the movers, they are going to be even later 1 hour now, another call is the second hand store they are early when is anyone early? It is not even 12:30 yet. I get off the elevator, of course I got the service elevator, to my floor and it smells like cigarette smoke and my door is wide open. Ayi is there, who I broke up with in a note telling her I am moving and the guy from the second hand shop. He shows me a handwritten note in Chinese of the items he is suppose to pick up, helpful, not really, he shows Ayi, still not helpful. I show to them what he is to take way and he is arguing with me. I am starting to get irritated. Some how we finally worked it out and he takes the stuff and is on his way. I get a call later from the second hand store that the security guard in my building will not let him leave with the items for they want to be sure I am not taking the owners things. This is when I start to lose it, I go downstairs to the guard, he makes me go the management office with the guy. At the office I have to complete a form of what I am taking out (for the WDW folks think material clearance forms). Then they have to call the owner, I have had it. I am not taking the owners $#*! I am meeting her tomorrow to give her the keys and get my deposit back which would cover furnishing the place if I happened to have taken her things. GGGRRRRR! The owner needs to call her agent and call the office back. I am mad and I call my agent and tell him. We are calling people all over the place. He listens to me (or at least trying to) and says what do you want me to do. GRRRRR! He said he will call the owner. I tell the management office that this is just one load of stuff. I have movers coming to take my other stuff out and I need another form.  Overall, I find I have a high acceptance of things being different here in China and stay usually pretty calm. Not today, after over 1 year I lost it and got mad.

The office  is still waiting for a call from the owner and decided to try calling her again. She finally gets a hold of her and says what I don’t know (maybe something like I am fearful of this foreigner who is turning multiple shades of colors, using her outside voice and I am afraid she is going to turn into the Hulk, I serious think I was about to…) she signs the form, I then told her to give me another, she hesitated and I glared, I think the glare worked. I really don’t like using such force.  I fill it out and had her sign it. I of course in the heat of the moment am unable to recall all that I am taking out of the apartment that is mine so I forgot many things from the list. Opps. They can deal with it.

My Moving Form

I am glad I decided to order a sandwich imagine if low blood sugar set in, Todd can tell you about it, not good to be around.  Although I did question the decision to add another player to come to my door with the circus that was already going on.

The movers call again and say they are stuck in traffic so going to be even more late. I had my sandwich I am fine, thanks goodness. They finally get there, 3 guys and take one look at my place and say they brought the something ton truck, like I know what tons mean other than something elephants weight and heavy but my stuff isn’t going to fit for I told him I had less. So much for my negotiation plans. It cost me double what I was quoted for it required 2 trips. I felt I needed to justify why I have so much stuff and told them it was 2 people’s worth. Todd is not here but it is his stuff too.  Just like at a meeting when you are not there you get all the work same for Todd not here get the blame. His clothes and shoes are much bigger and heavier than mine truth be told.

The first load is in the truck and we are off. I get to ride in the cab of the truck with the men. It seems like it takes forever to get to my new place traffic was a little nuts and those charming one-way streets make it not easy to get anywhere fast. My phone rings again and it is the IKEA delivery man who I scheduled to come between 6pm-10pm but now wants to come at 4pm. Of course he does. If I say no, who knows when my sofa and mattress will arrive.  We get to the apartment, the security guard has us driving around the building and stop at the front door. I guess the truck will not fit in the garage parking where the service elevator is located. My things are being unloaded next to the library room all on display. To not be associated with this train wreck I went to the apartment and waited for them. I called my friend Megan who is here on a 4 month program with Rollins at the local University and asked if she had any interest in waiting for the Ikea delivery while I go back with the movers for round 2 of my things. Of course between my phone call and Megan’s arrival the Ikea delivery shows up. I had no idea you had to put together sofas from Ikea, some you do. I have all these sofa parts around the living room. I did have time to set up the Internet so gave Megan my iPad and left. Traffic is horrible and it takes forever to get to my old apartment but they load up again and off we go, round 2.

I am moved in! We assembled the sofas. Ikea, did not fail again in having all the parts, cut and aligned perfectly, and provided the tools to assemble. Makes me happy and still amazed with them. I have a place to sit and a mattress to sleep on the floor, and moving boxes as bedside tables, living room table, and a TV stand. It is like we are back in college!


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