Living in French Concession, In China, Need UK Adapters

Who would have thought that my entire new apartment in China, in the French Concession would be wired with UK outlets. European EU I may would have understood but UK? They are ones with on/off switch on the outlet itself. I don’t understand the purpose of the little switches on the outlets for there are also switches on the walls. Why are they there? Other than to turn the outlet on and to drive me crazy.

After 4 days I decided to charge my Blackberry. I plug it in, leave it over night and this morning dead. I couldn’t figure out what is going on. I forgot to switch the little fancy on/off switch on the outlet itself. Ugggh! When I plug it in I assumed the outlet worked, not the case. Going to take some training on my part.

This has required the purchase of many adapters to plug in everything. Here is my latest haul from the E-Mart.I can’t have enough of these. Everything is plugged into them my Chinese electronics and my things from the US.

UK Adapters


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