Need To Smash Wine & Spirit Bottles

Attended a Bordeaux wine seminar by a wine import company. Seminars are really a geography lesson of France with a quiz of what side of the river the grapes are from. I rather like Bordeaux, all of them white and red and they had a tasting which I heard for 100RMB ($15) a good value for they are full pour tastings. They did not disappoint. 3 full pours of some lovely wine. I even learned some interesting things in addition to moldy grapes make expensive wine from the left bank of the river. Ah the French and their moldy cheese and wine.

Wine is becoming very popular in China and a huge wine investment market. Makes sense as income rises in China so does tastes and desire for luxury items. There is a town outside of Shanghai that has something like 9 Louis Vuitton stores. What town needs 9 LV stores? Now the “town” has over 4 million people living here but still 9 stores? If I was in the market for some LV I would want a pilgrimage to go get it, an experience, a trek, an adventure, not just a walk to the corner as if it was a 7-11. I guess when you have money to be buying LV like it is Levi you want convenience, the ability to run in and out for your time is precious and get your $1,800 lipstick holder.

Back to the wine. There are folks who take a bottle of Petrus which costs 26000RMB a bottle ($4,000) and mix it with Sprite or Coke.  I would freeze it into ice cubes and suck on them, making it last longer rather then mix with soda. Don’t worry Todd even through they give you full pours of wine part of their plan to loosen you up to buy some… I didn’t get so loopy and loose that I purchased a bottle or 2 to make wine-sicles. They also didn’t have any in stock but they would order and it would be here by Monday.

We were also told to smash bottles of wine and especially spirits because wine and spirits can be copied. Not too surprising when Apple Stores, Ikea, Disneyland, and cars can be copied but still unbelievable. They refill an original bottle with a “copy” of the juice. Imagine if dropping 14000 RMB (over $2,000) for a bottle of Chateau Lafite and it is not real. I can’t imagine spending that much on wine but if I did I would be a little pissed. I was hoping we would do a taste test of the real versus the fake but no such luck. I couldn’t even get near a bottle or a cork of the stuff to just sniff.  Wine is more difficult because of the cork, to re-cork requires more effort but it is done.  Spirit bottles are easier. Todd get ready to smash your Maker’s and JD bottles I can’t support copy liquor.


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