Ordering Pizza for 2

2 adults as in me and Todd, we are still child-free. Although out of the US now for over a year I still don’t think daycare is yet free or mini-vans sexy so we will continue to stay that way for anyone who had their hopes up.

Last night we decided to have pizza for dinner. There is a Papa John’s across the street, NICE! You can only order ahead for delivery, if you want to pick up you have to go there pay and then wait for it. But if I wanted it to be delivered across the street, no problem. They charge a delivery fee, although minimal I think it is 7RMB ($1) with it right across the street I just can’t do it, so Todd and I went, ordered and walked to the convenience store to get ice cream.

Ordering the pizza, Todd asks what size, I said the large for I want left overs for lunch. We walked back across the stree with our pizza and watched Raising Hope. At one point I told Todd we must be really hungry and something like screw leftovers we are taking this pizza down. After thinking about it, it is because there are 2 of us! When I lived alone I could order a pizza and have leftovers for it was just me (although I think I can eat a whole pizza if I would allow such things). If I want left overs I needed to order another pizza. We haven’t had this problem yet with eating out at other places for we have either ordered 2 entrees or it has been family style where you always have lots. I have adjusted to Todd being here in many ways, like having to share a closet but pizza ordering I need to readjust my ways.


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