What’s Wrong With My Shoes??

It is not my shoes.

I have adjusted to being stared at. I expect it.  I can usually tell if I am being stared at because of curiosity (as in not seen a Westerner before) or I am so pretty (that is what I tell myself why I am being stared at), my hair, my size, etc. Today my shoes were being stared at. What is so different with my shoes that they are of such focus? They are pretty simple and nothing I would find stare worthy. It was driving me nuts trying to figure it out.

It took me all day but I believe I figured it out! I was wearing a dress today and it wasn’t my dress or shoes. It was the fact that my legs are bare. I was not wearing stocking or tights. It was 70 degrees today and why would I wear tights? But in China, there is a magic date in September when the air conditioning is turned off in public buildings, no matter that global warming has made the weather crazy and it can be 90 degrees in November as of that magic date, no more air conditioning. The same is for clothing. There is a slight drop in temperature and many folks are bundled up as if in the arctic, not kidding. Cashmere, down jackets, scarfs and hats. I feel sorry for the children the most. With many one child families, they are afraid of anything happening to the child, like catching a cold, so when the temperature drops a degree some children are in double, triple and quadruple pants and shirts. They are like little Stay Puff marshmallow people. The kids aren’t going to catch a cold but they will overheat and sweat to death. Poor things. I also wonder if they do this for safety, those kids can fall down and never get hurt with so much padding.

I think I may have broken some rule about tights in China like wearing white after labor day and why all the stares. I am going bare legs until I can no longer bare it (HA!).


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