The Story of Thanksgiving

With it being Thanksgiving, I decided to let folks know in the office that today is a holiday in the US and gave them my hand turkey with a finger wave and a little gobble gobble. I also did a demonstration of how to draw a turkey by tracing your hand. This went over very well, especially for those who had kids.They couldn’t wait to go home and show them how to make a turkey. If I ever wonder about the value I bring, I do!  Some co-workers children go to an American school and they asked their Mom if they could have a Thanksgiving with a turkey. My co-worker said she had no idea how to cook a turkey (not common in China) and asked if they could have duck instead. LOVE IT!

I was also asked what is the history of Thanksgiving. I paused and had to think about it. We all know the story of Thanksgiving and since the 3rd grade when we wrote an essay about it or did a re-enactment, how many of us really have thought about it? It was a hard question. It may be harder for me since this is my 2nd Thanksgiving out of the country. I proceeded to tell the story of how these folks called pilgrims came from England to the new land. When they arrived there were already people living here, the Native Americans. I then had to say Indians, keep it simple. Remember in China, you are either Chinese or a Foreigner.  I think I wasn’t clear however on what kind of Indians, so there may still be some confusion.  Well the Indians helped the pilgrims adjust to the new land and way of doing things and the pilgrims showed the Indians a thing or two as well. To celebrate they had a big feast to be thankful of each other and that is where Thanksgiving came from. It is a time to be thankful for all we have. I hope I did the story justice and my 3rd grade teacher proud. My co-worker asked if I would tell the story to her kids and cook them a turkey next year. I don’t know about that and don’t think a turkey would fit in my oven. We can get turkey! They are imported but they cost around $100+.

As we were leaving our apt building to go to a friend’s for Thanksgiving the doorman wished us a Happy Thanksgiving. I gave him my hand turkey and a gobble gobble and told him to do it to all the Americans, they will love it! I didn’t get a chance to ask him about it for when we can back he was not there. I will find out later.

If you are wondering about the turkey wave, here is a photo of me and my Dad giving each other the Turkey Day greeting through Skype. Love you Daddy-0! Gobble Gobble!

Turkey Wave


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