A Danger to All Pedestrians.. But Mostly Americans

The walk from the metro station to our new apartment is the along the US Consulate. There is a section of the sidewalk by the Consulate where they have roped it off and you can not walk along the sidewalk. I think this is the entrance for cars or something and they put a guard booth up so it would be very narrow to walk anyway but because of the barricades you are forced to walk in the street, actually the bike lane which is very dangerous, especially at rush hour. I think this is very dangerous to all pedestrians.. but of course mostly Americans. Oh yes I did just use a Sam the Eagle reference. All the Muppet Mania lately I am unable to partake in must have brought it out. (Not getting Muppet Movie in China).  I think I need to write the Consulate letter expressing my concerns. To be able to write to anyone is a little exciting, I can’t write or speak to anyone here about my concerns or poor service due to the language and the lack of really caring about that kind of thing.  The US Consulate may be my only outlet. Todd the black vans may be back watching our apartment, just like when I wrote the letter to George W. expressing my concern over Freedom Fries and Freedom Dressing.

The Dangerous Walk


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