If Only Ikea Did Weddings!

My friend Lauren has fueled my love for Ikea with another article about the crazy Shanghai store and their lonely hearts club. Thank you LL! Keeps getting better! There are up to 700 people on a good day who go to Ikea and drink the coffee looking for their next hook up, amazing.

I like the mention of how it is the younger folks who are really the problem for they take their shoes off and sit on the furniture for hours watching programming on their devices and let their children jump on the beds. Wonder if they allow this behavior in their own house? But in public, on someone else’s stuff, acceptable. They are not making this s%&$ up. We have seen this! Full on naps and everything. It is so bizarre. If only the kitchen appliances worked then it would be a good show.  I heard in the summer people hang out because the store is air-conditioned and their houses may not have it. Love love love it all. Except when I actually need to go there for something, then the crowds and the people sitting on the stuff I want to look at or measure or actually get some meatballs in the cafeteria, you know spend money, it is a pain.

Here is the article with  more details of the experience.

Article: In China, IKEA is a Swede Place for Senior Romance, Relaxation. WSJ.


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