Live Christmas Trees

I have been asked if Christmas is celebrated in China. Christmas as in baby Jesus and all that not really but commercialism of Christmas that we have all come to know over the years oh yes and is getting bigger each year. It is just like being at home but better in our opinion for the decorations do not go up until December, not like in the US which start in August now.

I appreciate China when it comes to the Christmas Trees.  They are alive. Meaning the trees are not cut down to be placed in a home for a few weeks and discarded.  (I am originally from W. Mass my tree hugger moment). The trees are alive, potted, and can be used year after year. Even the big ones, potted. My friends last year got a tree and after the big day enjoyed it on their patio all year and then brought it back in this year to decorate. I find this idea lovely.

It also makes it fun for the trees don’t always fit in spaces. They make it fit, not by cutting,  just letting it go. Here is the one in our apartment building.

Make it fit just bend it over!


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  1. Andrea Hendry
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 23:10:44

    I love that – I also love your “tree hugger roots” no doubt shared by your New England family 🙂 We miss you!!!!! Do we need to schedule a Christmas Skype??? Do you want to be face-timed in for the annual reading of The Gift of the Magi at Jed’s?????


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