Mickey Mouse Book Covers

I needed workbook printed for an upcoming training class. I contacted our vendor who is the same place known for printing in the US. A big difference in service of this globally known organization is my experience in the US with such things as copies, posters, binding can be done same day, if not within hours. Here it takes at least 3 days to do anything. A good difference on the service is our rep comes out to the office and picks up the files to be printed, copied, etc.  I don’t need to go to the store. This is nice for we can have a discussion about the work I want done.  This job was to have books printed,  bound, and to print the cover with the names from the name list that I provided. Our rep, her English is pretty good. I even used a little Chinese with her. My coordinator was there also to help interpret the project to make sure the instructions were clear. She left with the files and 3 days later the box arrived.

All the names on the covers are Mickey Mouse. I have no idea why, I provided a name list, Mickey Mouse was not a name on the list. For some reason this cracked me up, I really don’t know if it deserving of a blog post about it but I still find it hilarious for I am headed to Beijing this weekend with my Mickey Mouse workbooks and plan on giving them out. I have no other choice other than rip the cover off for there is no way they can be changed in time. I am going with it. I was going to come up with some story of why it has Mickey Mouse on it and decided I will tell the truth, the vendor printed them this way and they have a collectors item now.  TIC.


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