Gentlemen Flight Welcomed

I was reading, actually looking at the pictures (it is mostly in Chinese) in the inflight magazine on a China Eastern flight and came across this little gem that was translated into English! It kept me amused and made me giggle.  So much so I just had to tear it out of the book and keep it. First the title is the Silver Swallow Update. When I think air travel, my bird of choice would be the Swallow actually the Swallow Jay (that is for your Papa Blum!).

Article Title: China Eastern’s Maiden “Gentlemen Flight” Welcomed

Where is this going? So glad it is English.  I will share verbatim.

China Eastern (CES) has introduced its “gentlemen flight” from Shanghai to Beijing. Handsome men replaced beautiful women, greeting and serving passengers. Their amiable and patient services were praised as careful as female flight attendants. Some passengers said they would prefer “gentlemen flight”.

CES’s male flight attends are qualified for both security and service purposes. The carrier will make more crew members with dual qualifications into flight attendants to offer personalize and diverse services.

As a special CES sevice, the “gentlemen flight” will be in place on holidays like Women’s Day.

Here is a photo of the handsome, dual qualified crew.

The Gentlemen

Not what I expecting. I was picturing the crew in the style of Chippendale’s or dressed something like on Mad Men.  That is how it would be in my mind at least if I were running a “Gentlemen Flight”. TIC.  Like one hopes to be upgraded, I now will add to that list upgrade to the “Gentlemen flight”.


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