Time Travel Stinks- Jet Lag

From my recent time travel from China to the US, I am suffering from jet lag. The time difference this time of year is 13 hours and I am feeling every hour of that difference, it is horrible. I have traveled back and forth before, it is not easy but don’t recall having such trouble. I can’t fall asleep, when I finally get to sleep I am out hard and waking up is trouble for I want to sleep all day.  Getting up is a problem and it makes my eye balls hurt.  I snoozed for 40 minutes the other day and it felt like 5. I feel like a time traveling vampire. In the movie Lost Boys the saying was “sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die, its fun to be a vampire” I know this well for I had a Lost Boys t-shirt with the saying on it. The 2 Corey’s, Keifer and Patrick? You know I did!  It is not fun being a vampire, it actually feels crappy.

I refuse to take Ambien or any other pills that would make me do crazy things. I have seen people take it on planes and it is not pretty.  I have friends who take it and they do some crazy things like middle of the night shopping on Amazon.com and not realizing it until the packages come in the mail. Comedian Kathy Griffin took it and was sleep walking, naked in Afghanistan and on Gene Simmon’s reality show Shannon was nighttime  eating and had no idea and wonder why she was gaining weight. If I am going to gain weight I want to remember every bite as I am doing.  I also don’t think it would be a good thing running around naked around the Walt Disney World Resort…with President Obama here as well. No a good thing.

I have tried melatonin and over the counter sleep aids which are the same ingredients in a make you drowsy allergy pill and night time pain relief. Not working this trip. I have been asked when I am coming back to the US again? I may just not leave for I am not looking forward to the reverse effect of time travel.

Todd shared his advise of “powering through” I guess that is what he was going when he took a little snooze yesterday afternoon 🙂


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  1. Shelli
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 22:35:12

    Rebecca, the secret to making melatonin work is taking it a few days before you travel, during your trip and for a few more days when your trip is over. Also shoot for 3-5 mg, don’t bother with micrograms!


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