Did You Just Call Us Fat?

Our boot camp trainer invited us and some other folks he trains to his birthday celebration with his family.  How sweet is he to invite us. Culture and language have no boundaries here, it is a celebration and wine helps.  His family doesn’t speak English our Chinese has grown to be able to say strawberries and I am showing it off,  we were all having a good time and then a late comer shows up. Todd refers to her as Bowler Betty for she wore a bowler style hat. She was another client of our trainer.  I like to call her something else with a B.

Bowler Betty comes in and says hello and then says being a party for our trainer that she expected all his guests to be buff and she is glad to see she doesn’t have that to worry about. Did she just call us all fat? I immediately dislike her. Am I overreacting? Was it lost in translation and didn’t mean what she was saying? Of course I had to ask where she was from. If she was Chinese, I would not be as upset for that stuff happens all the time but she is from Singapore. I will not accept this greeting. English is one of their native languages.  She was aware what she was saying. She called us fat.

Through out the evening we learned of her recent week-long detox and her bowel movements, I think they are measured? I was not really listening.  I did hear for a week you eat nothing but clay shakes and how these retreats are a great place to meet people. Grumpy, hungry, weak people? That does sound like a good time. I actually prefer to meet my new friends at a buffet. They are happy and enjoying themselves and if they go in for double ice cream, I just know we will hit it off. Although Bowler Betty invited us to join her at a retreat, I don’t see that happening, I disliked her from the moment she called us fat, never mind the rest of the sharing of information. Writing this makes me mad about the dinner, I need to go have some M&Ms and not count them.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Shelli Browning
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 12:34:54

    You have a way with words, my dear! I’m still laughing…


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