The Papa John’s Hypocricy

Todd and I didn’t leave the apartment over the weekend. No we didn’t stay in and watch DVDs, a common thing to do in Shanghai. We were productive, we painted our bedroom from the sea-foam green it was to a light gray. This took much longer than anticipated. I must say I am an excellent painter and I enjoy it. Well not in China I do not. All my painting supplies I use in the US can’t be found here in China. Important things to a successful painting job, like blue tape. All the stuff is made here but you can’t buy it. It is for export only. They just don’t know what they are missing. Paint is really expensive and watery. It doesn’t cover anything, not even the mosquito guts from a kill on the wall and required 2+ coats and I swear I still see a green glow. I would expect paint in China to be so awesome that you could build walls with it in one coat, like concrete. No such luck.

We did change out of painting clothes into workout clothes that evening to meet the trainer (the one who invited Bowler Betty who insulted us at his birthday party, no I still haven’t gotten over it) in the gym in our same building.  As we were waiting for the elevator (we can’t take the stairs the doors are locked at each of the floors, should this concern me?) we joked how we haven’t left the apartment all day and now just leaving the apartment but not leaving the building.  Getting out of the elevator as we were getting on was the McDonald’s delivery guy. We have not ordered McDonald’s delivery for we both believe it is just wrong to have McDonald’s delivered to you. If you are going to eat McDonald’s you need to go out and get it. Earn it!

After our workout, we decided we were going to have Papa John’s pizza. That is what you do after working out, it makes you very hungry and makes smart choices.  Papa John’s is across the street from us. Really, across the street. We ordered Papa John’s to be delivered to us. It was cold outside and we haven’t left the building all day. Why start now? Being truthful it is a pain to order take out. It is not like you can call an order in and go pick it up 20 minutes later. They don’t take phone orders. You have to go there, place the order, pay for it, wait and then walk it back over. Being winter and all, it would be cold by the time we made it back across the street. True! We have done this before.  By ordering it online we didn’t have to leave, gave us time to shower, and the pizza arrived hot for it came in the magic special delivery bags that keep the heat in from across the street. I wonder if the delivery guy scooted or walked? Here we are judging whoever it was in our building who ordered McDonald’s, there isn’t a McDonald’s within walking distance and yet we had pizza delivered from across the street, across the street! Bad, bad hypocrites. The pizza was excellent and I will do it again but it does make me giggle.

Taken from the entrance of apt building looking across the street towards Papa John's


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