What’s For Dinner? Deep Fried Honey Bees

Also bamboo worms, grasshoppers, wood bugs also available. Taste like chicken? Don’t know for we didn’t have them. Can’t do scorpions, toads, or snakes on a stick and can’t do bees either but fun to see on the menu.

Southern Barbarian does have some delicious Yunnan offerings available we did try.  Most of what we had was fried but very good. The fried goat cheese has been named one of the top 50 things you absolutely must  eat in Shanghai. We had it and yup, true! I wonder where the bees fall? The food we had was fantastic. Their beer selection was equally as impressive, so many (over 80 kinds) but the impressive part in addition to their selection, they serve the beer you order in the beer’s glass. You order a Paulaner, it is served in the Paulaner glass.  We were a party of 7 and ordered 7 different beers and they all came in their respective glassware. That was impressive, their bar glass stock has to be HUGE!

Our favorite hands down was this little beauty. Our table had 4 of them and they never stood a chance. It is a shredded potato pancake, fried of course. YUMMY!



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