International Women’s Day

Did you know about International Women’s Day? I had no idea such a day existed. It is even older than Oreo’s that just celebrated of 100 years in existence in this world.  International Women’s day was founded in 1900.

China celebrates Women’s Day, meaning it is sort of holiday. I should have remembered this from last year but I didn’t. Some areas of the organization received an email announcing in honor of the special day women can go home at 2pm. Other segments didn’t receive such an email and when a colleague asked about it was told it is a Chinese holiday and she was not Chinese. Let me say I find the holiday or whatever it is a little funny. As a woman, yes, celebrate us, there is not enough appreciation for women in this world, but honestly where is the other gender day? I know some say that is everyday but.. it would be only fair if they had a day. Maybe there is one and I don’t know. I take it back, there are just too many days… does every day need to be an event? I would like to celebrate I got out of bed day and that I managed to not eat the whole bag of Oreo’s day.  In response to the co-worker not being Chinese.. well it is not Chinese Women day it is International and like Tom Jones, we are International baby! (Tom Jones has a song called Tom Jones International in 2002, oh yes that is Wyclef Jean who co-wrote and intro TJ on it, it is a hoot! I LOVE Tom Jones)

Going home tonight in the crowded elevator, night, as in no afternoon departure for me. I am asked by another co-worker, you are not celebrating Women’s Day? Instead of saying I have too much work to do, or I don’t understand this holiday, or we didn’t get the memo to  leave, I turned the question to her and asked why she is not celebrating. She then drops on me, I am not a woman. I am very confused. I know I raised an eyebrow and wanted to say what are you then? but my filters stepped in and in the crowded elevator gave a perky OK! Having been in China a while things are often said that get lost in translation. Like the other day when I was thanked for my shortcomings, I still have no idea what that person was trying to say to me.  My mind was racing. Was it lost in translation, was she opening up to me, could she sense my advocacy, what was going on here? Although in 2001 the Ministry of Health removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses (good grief!), it is still not openly accepted so it really threw me off. Although I shouldn’t be surprised if this was the case for I have been in the taxi line at work, at lunchtime and the person ahead of me said she was going to have an abortion, yes a lunchtime procedure, it is what you do like getting your eyebrows done. A difference in culture. Anyway, finally she decided to elaborate and tells me she is a girl, not a women. Oooooh, the obsession with youth and child like things, this is why there are many teddy bears on desk in the office, Hello Kitty everywhere,  cultural again still interesting (that is the nice way of saying weird).

I get home and tell  Todd the elevator encounter he is not buying what she is putting out for who wouldn’t go home at 2pm if they could. He makes an interesting point. It could be cultural, like getting your AARP card in the mail, or being classified as AMA (advance maternal age, which I am now and another reason why we are child free for I don’t want that label on me!!)  no one wants that or admit it. She just doesn’t want to admit she is a grown up, a woman and is not acknowledging this and is showcasing her youth by NOT taking the afternoon off. You go girl. How much we all work, seriously I would have taken the afternoon and ran out the door if I could. There is always next year…


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