The Bingo Bank Card

Bingo Bank Card

Online banking reminds me a little something out of War Games, which the movie does not properly show how the missiles are really launched if there was a need to do such things. We have been to the site in North Dakota and had a tour (of course we did, that is what you do when you are married to a nerd  very smart person who grew up during the Cold War, I am far to young to remember such things 🙂 ) it requires 2 keys and 2 pass codes, like the banks in China. When I go to use my bank card online I must enter a code that is sent to me via SMS and then I get another code from this little token thing the bank gave me. If the codes are right and the stars align the money can be launched online.

I only wish this scratch off bank card that I call bingo bank card was mine. Where am I and what decade? I have no such card of sheer genius for I swore off this bank after they renamed me to Bebecca and told me they didn’t have any more money.  It is a friends card.  My bank doesn’t have such fancy security when it comes to online banking.

Here is how this gem works. When you want to bank online, you are provided with the path to follow to unveil the secret code to enter online. I have many questions about this process and really wonder who is the genius behind this, I would like to meet him (In my mind it has to be a him, no female would come up with something so crazy. Our version would be like a scratch and sniff sticker at the very least).  My biggest question is once you have scratched off all the boxes, does it display a secret message from Little Orphan Annie that says “be sure to drink your Ovaltine”?

Head shake, head shake, *sigh*, tsk, eye roll. That is my code for this bunch of B-A-N-A-N-A-S


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