Todd Does What Now On His Way To Work?

Todd needs to stop doing things I must share with the Internet. I forgot my umbrella so I asked him for his keys so I could run back upstairs to get it. He gave me his keys and to my surprise look what is on his key ring.

Todd’s Key Ring

Notice only 2 out of 4 of his baubles on his key ring are actual keys. There is a key to the apartment and a key to his desk. The other 50% includes a bottle opener and a nail clipper. I can understand the bottle opener, it could be argued a key to happiness and there could be a bottle opening emergency but what nail cutting emergency can there be? Is there really such a thing and does he not know how much nail clipping drives me crazy? Maybe he has it to drive my crazy.

I ask Todd about his key ring adornments and if that is really a nail clipper. He tells me that he cuts his nails walking down the street on his way to the metro.  Good grief. How Shanghai of him. He claims he does it so he doesn’t clip his nails in the apartment for he knows how much it drives me nuts. I guess that it sweet but what is next? Spitting on the street?


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