Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

In China there are a few types of receipts. You can’t just have one that would be too simple. There are itemized receipts and fapiao. To encourage you to ask for a fapiao, the official receipt, there is a scratch and reveal section, like a scratch lotto ticket (that is right Dad, like a scratch ticket! Wanna come for a visit now? I will save them all for you) on the fapiao. Not only is it a receipt it is a lottery! It was explained to me this is done so people will ask for the fapiao. If you ask for a fapiao, which is made on an official tax machine, requiring the reporting of earnings to issue the fapiao. If you don’t get a fapiao, it is possible the money is not being reported to the government. To encourage the issuing of fapiao there is a scratch lotto.

I was working on an expense report and I was scratching my receipts. You can’t win if you don’t play, right? I have learned the Chinese characters “Thank You” which means you didn’t win but on this day of expense report hell, I got different characters. I won something!!! I asked a Chinese co-worker and she told me I won 5RMB! Which is around 80 cents US. YES!! I then started chanting “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” around the office and asked what that means. I tried to explain back in the day in Las Vegas had a chicken dinner cost a certain amount and a minimum bet was a certain amount and if you won you had enough money to buy yourself a chicken dinner and how some dealers would say “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” when people won. I don’t think I did a good job explaining or that it made much sense.  Oh well. I am still a winner but it is not enough to buy a dinner, a Coke Zero maybe. Winner Winner Coke Zero is not the same.



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  1. Ryan Eagan
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 08:25:34

    And to this day is a standard saying by us dealers 🙂


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