Closet Repair

We have a water heater for the kitchen sink in our master bedroom closet. I think it is left over from when the apartment possibly had an ayi (housekeeper) room and the closet/kitchen was their room and the apartment has been remodeled to a new configuration yet the kitchen water heater remains in the closet. It makes perfect sense (not really). Whatever it is and why, it leaks and we are unable to put things in that area of the closet for they get wet and moldy. That is the least of my concerns, I am afraid it is going to explode with sending water everywhere. We have told the rental agent, who told the apartment owner and it has been months trying to get it fixed. I got a text from the apartment agent telling me the water heater has been fixed. Imagine my surprise to come home to this solution to the problem. Aiya!

That is a new water heater, much larger than the one that was there and a bowl from my kitchen! What is going on?  I don’t understand am I expected to empty the bowl? Good grief. I sent this photo to the apartment agent and shared that I don’t feel this is a good solution to the problem. Her response is that it is a Chinese brand water heater and they will try to get a European one. I don’t care where it is from I just would prefer one that doesn’t leak or needs me to remember to dump a bowl of water every few days.

A few days later, I get a text from the apartment asking me to not touch the water heater. Touch it? Why would I touch it I don’t go near it and I don’t want to empty it. It was a miscommunication for I came home to this.

Those are live wires

They don’t want me to touch this. Why are there so many wires? Where has my bowl gone? I heard from the front desk that they had so many people in the apartment trying to figure this out. I asked the question, why don’t they move the heater into the kitchen under the sink of the water it heats? I didn’t get an answer.

A few more days go by and I come home to this and it was working. That lasted about 2 days. It is now flashing a E and a number and there is no hot water in the kitchen I am assuming E means error, I press all the buttons (they are in Chinese, it is not a European one) it still flashes a red E. They will be back again this week to fix it! Maybe in a year when I move out it will be fixed for the next tenant, they are welcome.  Until then it creeps me out not having hot water in the kitchen. Dishes are done by hand (no dishwasher)  and no hot water doesn’t seem like anything is getting close to clean as it should. There will be no chicken in this house until this is resolved.

Cleaned up wires


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