The Name Game

For our work permits or is it resident permits? Some Chinese requirement required us to pick a Chinese name. My name was selected by my employees, I can’t remember what it means or how to say it but it doesn’t matter for I don’t use it for anything. I am sure it means big b*&%$ or something like that. It is not on my business cards, name tag, door, no one calls me by it, it is just on my documents along with my English name.  If I could do it again I think I would pick a Chinese porn star name if such a thing exists for that could be fun. With the knowledge from my experience and the limited use of my Chinese name, Todd decided he wanted to pick a fun Chinese name. He did not go with a porn star name (his idea of fun and mine is different) instead he went with a throw back to one of his favorite attractions, Big Thunder Mountain or in Chinese 大雷山 Dà léishān. His company uses his Chinese name. It is on his business cards, his name tag, etc. He gets a chuckle and an eyebrow raise all the time over his Chinese name and usually has to explain where it comes from for no one knows it is a ride at a theme park. I say it is a nice conversation piece.

As crazy as Todd’s name is, some Chinese also pick some interesting English names that just don’t make sense to native English speakers. In a 5 minute brainstorm with friends we came up with this list of names have encountered:

Shiny     Cloud     Kok     Dream     Smooth     Swagger     Cheer   YoYo     Summer (a boy)     Angus

Tailor     Trend     Legend     Scorpio (maybe a GH fan??)     Skill     Magic     Cinderella     Gift

Some favorite full names:

Handsome Yang     Elephant Dong

Feel free to share your favorite names!


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  1. Sara Idermark
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 08:50:24

    i love those funny names 🙂
    I have a guy in my team. His name is Lightning.. There is also a Wow working here.
    /Sara 莎拉 ‘sallad dressing’ is mine 🙂


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