The Unscientific and Illegal Air Quality Monitoring in one that ends in an S

In Early June it was demanded by Chinese officials that foreign embassies stop publishing air quality reports for it is illegal and against diplomatic conventions (Vienna convention).  When foreign embassies are mentioned, I do believe it is the US. For it just so happens the US sends out hourly air quality data via Twitter and posts it on their web site.  It has been stated to be “unscientific” and that the PRC government should be the only one to report air quality. The US consulate sees it as a resource of health for the Consulate community.

You can see the monitor sticking out over the barrier of the consulate in Shanghai, I LOVE it, it is kinda giving the whole thing the bird, at least in my mind it is.

The Illegal Air Quality Monitor

Thanks for the updates! The current air quality at his hour is “moderate”. Please Consulate next work on the social insurance tax of foreigners. I have no plans to retire in China and I do avoid the healthcare system so no interest at all in any of that. Thank you!


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