I Smelled A Car!

How did I get to smelling a car. Our trainer Sean texted me he will be by the house in the morning and to not eat breakfast, he knows my love of dumplings, we talk about them all the time. This has to be good and it was! He brought by some dumplings that I have not had yet which he knows from our frequent discussions of dumplings. They are a called shengjian and they did not disappoint. They are like a mini bread bun outside, one side crispy, some green onion and sesame seeds and inside soupy deliciousness (don’t ask what that is and how it is made… don’t need to know, they also came from a street vendor, just don’t think about it) they are YUMMY! I accused him of keeping himself in business. If he feeds us such things, we need to continue to workout, it is his business model. He said that is not true… hmm…


When we are not talking about dumplings we chat about other thing and recently he shared his Dad bought a new car. I have a little crush on Sean’s Dad I will admit. It has nothing to do with the first time I met him and he said how good looking I was. We have nice chats, I tell him I like strawberries, Sean translates all the other stuff we say to each other it is a good time.

Sean’s Dad drove his new car to get the dumplings and bring them to me.  I had to go downstairs to see his Dad and the new car. I told him in Chinese I liked it a lot, hen hao! I then asked if it smells like a new car. They said no it doesn’t smell. I forgot that culturally smells like paint, construction, etc. is bad. Too smelly is bad. I asked if I could smell the car. The door was opened for me and it smelled like a new car! I said they were right, it didn’t smell at all. It did, it smelled like a new car!! I didn’t let on. I am sure I am now known as the crazy foreigner who smells cars.  What a day! First dumplings, a chance to see my Dad crush, and to smell a new car!


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  1. Manzi
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 06:21:30



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