CATS Has Made it to China

It has been only 31 years since the debut of Todd’s favorite musical, CATS on Broadway and it is now coming to China.  It is not really his favorite, he can’t stand it. He calls it cat cabaret and get him to give you an overview of the musical where he talks about the old cat, horny cat, etc. He really has a lot of feelings about the show but it is really fun to get him all wound up about it. Fortunately, for Todd the show is sold out and happens to be in Chinese. I would like to see it in Chinese, I think it could be interesting. Do they meow the same?

CATS mania is in full force at one of the malls where we came across this display featuring everyone’s favorite, Rum Rug Tugger the curious cat  (horny cat according to Todd). How did I know it was CATS and not KISS or Flock of Seagulls tribute? The mall had Memory as background music (In English). Over and over.  Can it get any better? It can!  It was Todd’s idea to go to the mall. HAHAHA!

What is coming next? If only it was Starlight Express but it is Phantom, in Chinese. Darn!



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