A Fish on His Head!

We decided to go for a run outside since the gym at the apartment is out-of-order due to Typhoon Haikui, something hit the mirror wall like a stationary bike. We never ran, we walked to the park up the street, it is really hot out. Parks are amazing in the morning! You have group exercise programs, individuals walking backwards(it turns back time…), hugging trees, slapping themselves, it is a flurry of activity and so much fun to just take in. As we are a site to take in as well in our exercise clothing. I am sure many are wondering how Todd can sweat so much and he is not running.

We came across this guy who was doing tai chi. He was balancing a flower-pot on his head! We decided to get a better look and not only was it a flower-pot, it was a goldfish in a glass bowl! He brought his pet out to do tai chi with him. Amazing how smooth he was and it never fell. I could watch him all morning, waiting for it to fall  but I have to go to work. I will need to go back again with a better camera and see if I can find him again.

That is a fish & flowers!


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