Please Select Language- English (Higher Ed)

Completing an online assessment for an upcoming work session I needed to register with the site and answer basic questions. One of the questions was language preference. I looked for English on the long list of language. I would be impressed if the company actually had the materials translated in all those languages. I found English and there were 3 to choose from.There are 3 English languages? I should conduct a poll on what 3 English languages are options but I will just tell.

1. English (UK)
2. English (US)
3. English (Higher Ed)

What is going on here? I want definitions and I am very curious if their system changes its language to what you select. I really wanted to check it to see what lingo they use for the 3 choices but I was unable to get my hand on 2 additional log ins to test them. Grrrr..  Wondering what I selected? I selected English (US) as tempting as it was to select English (Higher Ed) I was a little afraid, Higher Ed can be a scary place.


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