Weekend in MORGANshan

For our anniversary this year Todd got off the island (Oahu)!  We spent the weekend in Moganshan (which I have renamed to Morganshan). It is a 3 hour drive from Shanghai where there are tea fields, clean air (I think it was clean, maybe clearer is a better word), chickens, and not much else.  We have heard about the place from others saying how beautiful it was so we had to give it a try.

Tea Fields

We stayed at Naked Stables Private Reserve. It is not a nudist place, as the name would lead one to believe but an eco resort. They offer a bus service from Shanghai. The 3.5 hour ride was not that bad. The highlight of the bus adventure was the stop at a highway rest stop! They are similar to ones elsewhere. You can get gas, use the restroom, and buy snacks. I was hoping for a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or as found along the Florida Turnpike Earl of Sandwich but no such luck. Not even a KFC. That is how you know we are in the middle of no where, No KFC!  Tea eggs and boiled meat on a stick and other convenience store items are available.  We arrived at the place just in time, the last 15 minutes of the bus adventure up the hills got windy and wavy I couldn’t get there fast enough but we made it.

The resort is beautiful surrounded by tea fields and hills. Steep hills you have to walk up and down to get anywhere, it can get very tiring. If you want to be lazy you can call a host who will come pick you up in a golf cart but that is just silly (and yet I still get pizza delivered from across the street).   The resort did freak me out for all over the lobby and other public spaces were cow hides. Cow hide rugs, cow hides lining the walls, and cow hides covering furniture. I think they were cow hides, they may have been horse since it was the stables and all. No matter what it was it freaked me out and I refused to step or sit on them. Is this eco? PETA would have a field day at this place.

We did take in a good dinner show at the pool bar restaurant that overlooked the pool. We watched crazy people at the pool with their full on swimming gear, as if they were Olympic swimmers (swimming costume, nose plugs, goggles, swimming cap) to go into the fancy infinity pool to do laps. The pool is packed and we watched this one guy in his full gear get out of the pool, line his toes up on the edge, dive in (it is full of people) as if he was starting a swimming race but he didn’t have the grace of an Olympian his legs were all over the place, splash, swim a lap and repeat the whole performance. Splash. OMG we just watched and laughed waiting for him to stop doing it, it didn’t stop. We also saw another person take a laptop into the pool. Why? It was a great show.

It was so hot I think it had to have been the hottest weekend ever in China. Everyone says go to Moganshan to escape the heat of the city. It was not cooler at all. Or course there was nature and we had to go for a hike to explore. We did a 4 hour hike through a rural village. Overall a good weekend despite the heat it was nice to get out of Shanghai.

More photos of our trip to Moganshan click here

The hills


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