Wander Around Shanghai

What an exciting weekend!  After doing my Chinese homework at a bar on Friday night which turned out to be a waste of time for we spent the whole lesson on Saturday morning talking about the political system in the US and in China.  It is my fault, it started with me telling the story of the crazy cab driver I experienced earlier in the week who asked me where I was from. I told him in Chinese the US and he then told me he liked Obama and his belief that he is better than Bush. Can’t escape US politics even in China *sigh*.  I wish I asked him what his views were on the upcoming election.  I then had to show our teacher an absentee  ballot I received in the mail. She said it looks like how they take exams in China. Todd then brought to the conversation the embarrassment of our home state of Florida in the 2000 election and explained the hanging chad. She told us that elections here are done on chalk boards and there is no way to recount. You never know where these conversations are going to do. This one took 2 hours. It was all very interesting the differences in the systems and how things are done.

That morning we also had a city-wide air raid drill, it went off 3x it was LOUD. No idea what to do in an air strike but we know the sound. It reminds me of the Grease 2 number, “Lets do it for our country” I bet there were people cranking up the siren as they did in the movie.

The weather is finally cooling down and beautiful so we took a wander around Shanghai with friends. Here are some of the sights we took in and the street snacks found along the way.

Houses and laundry

Sinks each with their own water meter.

Chicken in a window and some underwear

Checking out all the wires

First stop for some street noodles

It makes popped rice and makes a loud “boom” and scares the $&^% out of you. Before it booms he yells in Chinese, I think “fire in the hole!”

Snack #2


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. andrea hendry
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 01:28:25

    I love the chicken and underwear picture along with how tall Todd’s hair is – it is as if it has been electrified!


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