Hairy Crab Season

It is hairy crab (also known as a mitten crab) season! It is the time of year where folks get giddy and lose their $^&# over some crabs. I think it is like Shamrock Shake time in the US.

Walking down a near by street in Shanghai, the street transformed for hairy crab commerce. Shops changed, bringing in tanks filled with hairy crabs. Hopefully they are real for there are reports of fake hairy crabs (of course there fake hairy crabs, what do they do, glue on the hair? I don’t want to know).

Hairy crabs for they have hair on their pinchers

I remember my first year in China and how excited co-workers were when we went to the lake where the hairy crabs are from. It was a hair crab field trip.  They asked me if I liked hairy crabs and I shared that I don’t eat seafood and was told that they are not seafood but river food. I think technically they are lake food for they come out of a lake. No matter where they come from I don’t eat them for they come out of water. That is a better was of saying it. I don’t eat anything that comes out of water. I do celebrate the excitement of others around the hairy crab. It is time to get your crab on!


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  1. Jeffito
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 15:20:55

    Crabs are the “Deadliest Catch!” Be careful you billion Chinese people with MBA’s!


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