A Day of Local Shopping

Ever wonder what it is like shopping in Shanghai and why when we are back in the US we can spend hours in grocery stores?  It is because they are so amazing and magical! I miss a produce area that plays Singing in the Rain or the sounds of a thunder-storm while the veggies get a little refreshing shower That is magic! Although we do get to see often the antics of a cat that lives in the shop. A cat in a shop is a good sign, good quality… that means no rats!  Here are some photos of Todd shopping I took while we were out and about getting groceries.

Buying veggies

Buying veggies

He is in charge of buying meat. It has taken me over 2 years to walk over to this section of the store.  This is the fancy place to buy meat, the Carrefour Supermarket. You can also go to the meat market which is a little more “local”. No matter where it is from, it creeps me out all piled up there in trays, open like that. Where is the nicely packaged labeled meat? What even is this? I make Todd pick it out, they provide tongs.  He puts it in a bag. I make him triple bag it, he then hands it to someone who weighs it and puts the price on it. I am sure the 3 bags are costing us more, adding to the weight but I don’t care. We take it home put it a crock pot and cook the hell out of it. We think this will make a pot roast.

Buying meat

Buying meat


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  1. larry smith
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 12:26:33

    The only produce dept that plays , singing in the rain, is Winn Dixie. Mr. Larry works at PUBLIX. {caught ya} Remember the pecans are in the produce dept, and the pee-cans are near the water fountains up front..


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