The Final Countdown-1 Year

I woke up this morning with Europe’s The Final Countdown in my head. That means it is Feb 1 and my contract is up 1 year from today. Da da da daaa da da da da daa (can you hear it?)

The 2 most FAQs I am asked about living in China other than why…

  1. Do you speak Chinese?
  2. When are you coming back?

I wish I spoke Chinese. I speak taxi, food ordering, and shopping. That is about it.  There are these sounds that I have never heard of and my mouth just can’t make no matter how hard I try. It is very hard and requires practice and studying everyday to learn. If I have time to study, I need to finish my degree first then on to Chinese. That there is a bucket of motivation. My degree also plays The Final Countdown in my head but it is broken chords. All I need to do is  4 things to be finished, write a dissertation proposal,  do a little study, write  about it and talk about it. That is all, why is that not motivating? Lately, I have been making time to work on the 4 things. After this one is done, I will be done collecting degrees, no more. Although, I recently completed my certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language to Children (TEFL-C). That has been added to the collection.

When am I coming back? I really don’t know. I blame Todd, he finally showed up to join me in China a year after me so our contract dates are not the same, he has 1 year longer than me to go.  This is great! He has an upcoming year of me dropping that little nugget. I am sure he will love that! Maybe he is looking forward to it.. maybe he has a song in his head playing as well… I will have to ask him. Even after his contract is up, his project will not be completed so a good chance he we will be here longer, maybe until late 2015.

It is not that bad, you have ShangHIGH and ShangLOW days and you need to be ready for them when they hit.  It has been an amazing experience  but often wonder if I am crazy, which I often think everyone who comes to live in China has a little cra cra in them. Remember I was hit by a car, walking in a sidewalk on a green walk signal. Scooters and bikes ride on the sidewalk, it is crazy to get use to all this.  Then my favorite public nail clipping and spitting with the pollution lately I think the spitting has increased. UGGH!

It is a little nice to know that when I am having a ShangLOW day that I can hum a little Europe, “I’m leaving in 1 year… the final countdown” there is something comforting in that. Although I think it is like Sister Jude being told she was getting out of Briarcliff and 3 years later she was still there (TV show American Horror Story Asylum).  Time will tell. I will report back on this later. Mom & Dad you may want to get a room ready.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Donna Goulooze
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 08:42:46

    You could stay, keep Todd company and work on writing your book!


  2. John Skibiski
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 21:42:13

    Hi Becky……..enjoy your postings, you are a good writer, perhaps you should consider being a syndicated writer for some big newspaper. All is well here, Ann is steadily recovering, Laura received her MBA in Italy and is in Barcelona seeking employment associated with her recent studies; Greg resides in Boston where is is working on his new start-up with some MIT folks which looks promising, while John is trying to wind down his business affairs so as to acquire the “retiree’s pace” so highly recommended. Enjoy you foreign activities…..Best wishes to you and Todd. Love, John and Ann


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